GDPR Statutory Notification

Langworth Group Parish Council                          

General Data Protection Regulations


I am sure you will have heard about General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) perhaps organisations have already been in touch to ask you to opt in to their mailing lists. This is our statutory notification to let you know about the implications of GDPR, how it affects you with regards to Langworth Parish Council, what data we hold and what we need you to do. You don't have to do anything else to continue receiving e-mail messages and notifications.

GDPR, is effective as of 25th May 2018. The aim of the legislation is to protect us all from privacy and data breaches within an increasingly data-driven world. It also intends to give you more control over who is holding and using your data.

The main points that GDPR brings are:

  • It affects all organisations operating within the EU.
  • There are financial penalties for data breaches and non-compliance
  • The council must provide you with clear information before you share your data with them and make it easy to unsubscribe.
  • Make it easier access to your data

Apart from phone lists, e-mail addresses and supplier’s detail’s the parish council do not hold a vast amount of data that could identify an individual person. In order to operate the parish council, need to keep contact telephone lists and e-mail addresses. Also stored are details of councillors and former councillors, the clerk and former clerks personal and salary details and parish council election particulars.  The parish council also has a statutory duty to keep records of meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence and financial records.

The parish council does not use the data they hold for any purpose other than their own business. Paper records are stored under lock and key. Electronic data is securely stored, backed up regularly and password protected. The parish council do not share or pass data to any other organisation.

Council tax, elections (other than parish council co-options), register of electors, planning, housing, social services and benefits are not the responsibility of the parish council. Data relating to such services is administered by other authorities.


Check Your Data

In order to be transparent and put you in control of how your data is used, the parish council will provide you with a copy of any data they hold so it can be checked for accuracy.



If you wish the parish council to remove your details from their records, e-mail the parish clerk.  phone or text to 0756 362 0986

Michelle Vail – Parish Clerk