Langworth Group Parish Council is seeking a volunteer snow warden and Community Speed Watch volunteers.

We are looking for a new volunteer snow warden to take over this role to help keep this vital community service running.  We have a snow blower and gritter; which require minimal maintenance.  It’s not a particularly time-consuming job; when the exceptional Beast from the East hit us, our volunteer was out for about 5 hours but some years the service is not required at all. Please do register your interest with the Clerk.

We have an opportunity to set up a Community Speed Watch (CSW) Scheme.  Already run successfully in other local parishes, the parish council will purchase a speed radar gun, safety and other equipment for local volunteer teams to go out and use.  Training is provided by the police.  Two volunteers have already registered their interest with the Clerk; but more are needed to make this viable.  Please do register your interest with the Clerk.

Published: Wednesday, 27th October 2021