3 December 2019

Langworth Group Parish Council

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby


Notice Of Meeting – 3rd December 2019

Dear Councillor

You are summoned to an ordinary Meeting of Langworth Group Parish Council. To be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday on 3rd December 2019 at the Langworth Memorial Hall.




89. Public Forum: maximum of 15 mins for members of the public to ask questions.


90. Apologies: To receive apologies for absence


91. Declarations of Interest: To receive declarations on any item on the agenda


92. Minutes of previous meetings: To approve and sign minutes of the ordinary meeting held; 5th November 2019.


93. Clerks Report

a) Financial report

b) Approval of payments

c) Action log update

d) Renewal of McAfee virus protection due 22/1/2020 estimated cost £20.00


94. Correspondence

a) Letter of thanks – re help to prevent flooding of homes

b) Register of members interests and acceptance of the WLDC code of conduct

c) Philip Hylton – Central Lincolnshire Local Plan – Langworth Fact Check

d) Cost to add additional pages to insert council minutes in the LL; £82.50


95. Vehicle Activated Signs – Progress report. The estimated cost of structural inspection of a lamp post has come in at £860.00 as opposed to a verbal estimate given by LCC of £70.00. Members to consider their proceedings.


96. Flooding – emergency response – Cllr Herbert


97. Review of Social Media Policy – commercial advertising – Facebook.


98. To consider a request to erect an Additional Notice Board; Near the George development.


99. County Councillor & District Councillor’s Reports

Comments regarding previously circulated reports.


100. Chairman’s Comments


101. Date of next meeting – Tuesday 7th January 2020

Tuesday 3 December 2019 7:30pm - Ordinary meeting

Tuesday 7 January 2020 7:30pm - Ordinary meeting