October 2021

Langworth Group Parish Council  

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby

E:mail: langworthgroupparishcouncil@gmail.com

NOTICE OF MEETING – Tuesday 5th October 2021                                                                                                                                 

The next meeting of Langworth Group Parish Council will be held at Langworth Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 5 October 2021 at which the business listed in the agenda below will be transacted.  The time between 7.30pm and 7.45 pm may be given over to a public session if required, but if no members of the public wish to speak, the meeting will start at 7.30pm.

Michelle Vail   Clerk/RFO: Langworth Group Parish Council


1. Public Forum: maximum of 15 mins for members of the public to ask questions.

2. Apologies: To receive apologies for absence.

3. Declarations of Interest: To receive declarations of interest on any item on the agenda.

4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 7 September 2021

5. Comments from County Councillor, District Councillors and Chairman.

6. Highways:

a. Working group report on progress re vehicle activated signs.

b. Volunteer response to Community Speed Watch advertising

7. Correspondence:

a. To note only:
D/Cllr Welburn report
C/Cllr Fleetwood report
LALC Annual report 2020 - 21
Police Press Release - new road safety campaign: drivers to 'Belt Up. Hang Up. Ease Up'

8. Planning:

a. Neighbourhood Plan:-  discussion regarding benefits and resource issues (Cllr Hyatt)

b. To consider new applications:

143416: change of use from an area of hard standing to an equestrian menage/exercise area: Church Farm Church Lane Stainton By Langworth

9. Policy Review – Members to approve reviewed LGPC Policies:   

Lone working policy and procedure

Media Policy

10. Clerks Report

a. To receive the financial report: as previously circulated

b. Approval of payments: as previously circulated

c. Half-year budget report: as previously circulated

d. Approval to procure memorial wreath from the British Legion (estimated £22.50)

e. To consider findings of ROSPA’s Annual Play inspection – August 2021

f. Update on snow blower and gritter: secure storage quotes and new snow warden volunteers

g. Condition of noticeboards

11. Safety concerns – Dunholme Bridge: update (Cllr Bowser)

12. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 2nd November 2021, 7.30pm, Langworth Memorial Hall

Michelle Vail – Clerk/RFO to the CouncilDated: 29 September 2021