7 September 2021 Minutes

Langworth Group Parish Council  

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby

E:mail: langworthgroupparishcouncil@gmail.com

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 7th September 2021 at Langworth Memorial Hall

Present:  Cllrs M Herbert (Chairman), P Bowser, A Hyatt, K Tyrrell, A Curtis, S Taylor, C/Cllr I Fleetwood, D/Cllr A Welburn, D/Cllr C Darcel (arrived at 7.35pm), Mrs M Vail (Clerk), and two members of the public.               

Meeting started at 7.32pm.


1. Public Forum: One resident spoke regarding speeding on Barlings Lane.  The Chairman outlined measures already taken by LCC as the responsible Authority; and also noted LGPC’s plans to purchase reactive speed cameras; including one for Barlings Lane. The Community Speedwatch (CSW) scheme was explained; with set up costs of approximately £250. Action: clerk to advertise for CSW volunteers.   

2. Apologies: Cllr J Machin, Cllr R Waite, and D/Cllr C Hill.

3. Declarations of Interest: No declarations were made.

4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 6 July 2021:

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 6 July 2021 as a true record of the meeting; and these were duly signed.

Proposed: Cllr P Bowser, seconded: Cllr S Taylor.All in favour.

5. Comments from County Councillor and District Councillors:

C/Cllr I Fleetwood – on 6 September 2021, an LCC Committee approved double yellow lines for Barlings Lane.  The meeting had also agreed a speed reduction to 30mph along the A158 from the railway to Barlings Lane. For future consideration by LCC is to extend this speed reduction zone up to Stainton corner.

D/Cllr A Welburn – her September report has been circulated.  She asked that a survey to gather residents’ thoughts on what WLDC Council tax money be spent on be promoted.

D/Cllr C Darcel – he has some unallocated CIF grant money.  Cllr P Bowser suggested this money would help fund secure storage for the snow blower and gritter.

6. Highways:

a. Working group report on progress re vehicle activated signs: No further progress. 

b. Note that LCC's Planning and Regulation Committee met on 6th Sept to consider proposed traffic restrictions at Barlings Lane:  Noted above.

c. Consider any actions in respect of resident’s letter concerning ongoing parking on verge outside a property on Barlings Lane: The Chairman has met with the resident; suggesting he takes the matter forward with C/Cllr I Fleetwood.  Action: clerk. 

7. Correspondence:

a. To note only: The following were noted as received:

WLDC Parish Newsletter – August; D/Cllr Welburn - August and September reports; C/Cllr Fleetwood - July and September reports; and LCC Bus Service Improvement Plan Engagement Survey. 

b. To consider any actions required:

WSP letter requesting any relevant parish council information for their flood Investigation on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council as Lead Local Flood Authority, into reported flooding at Scothern Lane, Stainton by Langworth, LN3 5BL on 8th November 2019 and Scothern Lane, Langworth, LN3 5BH on 8th November 2019, 19th November 2019 and 6th February 2021:

WSP’s report following their flood investigations will go to LCC from which recommended actions to take forward will be agreed upon. Action: Cllr M Herbert and D/Cllr C Darcel to speak to WSP.

WLDC Community Defibrillator Service Membership Scheme – consider joining at an annual £100 per defibrillator fee:

The Clerk summarized the current position; noting that the scheme offers good value for money.  RESOLVED to approve expenditure of £100 per annum for one defibrillator; and to retain the services of the current volunteer defibrillator checker. Action: clerk

D/Cllr A Welburn left the meeting at 8.05pm.

8. Planning:

a. To note Central Lincs Local Plan (CLLP) Consultation (ended 24 August 2021):

The Consultation documents have been reviewed; with no changes impacting the parish having been noted. C/Cllr I Fleetwood noted that the recently modified National Planning Policy Framework carries greater weight in planning than the Local Plan does.

b. To consider any actions in respect of the Langworth Neighbourhood Plan (NP):

In earlier years, work had been carried out on a Parish Plan which had not progressed beyond a questionnaire survey of households in the grouped parishes. Neighbourhood Plans have superseded Parish Plans, but very little community interest meant that a NP has not progressed.

Noted that a designated geographical area exists for the NP; and that a NP carries some weight with planning.  Action:  Cllr A Hyatt to supply advert for Langworth Local/Facebook seeking volunteers to join a NP Group.

c. Ratify Councillor comments submitted to WLDC on the following four applications (time sensitive):

143315, The Old Nurseries, Nursery Close, Langworth, LN3 5BU:

143369, Land adjacent to 1 Woodside Cottages, Bardney Road, Newball, LN3 5DQ:

143361, Land off Barlings Lane, Langworth, LN3 5DF:

142426, the Farmhouse, Low Barlings, Barlings, LN3 5DG:

RESOLVED to ratify the submission of collated Councillors comments to WLDC.

d. To consider new application:

Abbey View, Low Barlings, Barlings: proposed extensions & alterations  

RESOLVED that all are in support.

Action: clerk

9. Clerks Report

a. To receive the financial report: as previously circulated:

A financial report was given (attached below).

b. Approval of payments: as previously circulated:

Query: is the VAS Earmarked Reserves at £4000 correct? Action: clerk to confirm.

Query: why Glendale invoices differ in total?Action: clerk to check the latest 2 invoices. 

Cllr P Bowser noted a need to monitor that grass cuts are being completed.

RESOLVED to approve payments as listed in the financial report (attached below).  Action: clerk

Proposed: Cllr S Taylor, seconded: Cllr A Hyatt.All in favour.

c. To consider options for LALC’s website support:

RESOLVED to approve expenditure of £60 + VAT p.a. to join the Basic Level scheme.  Action: clerk

Proposed: Cllr P Bowser, seconded: Cllr S Taylor.All in favour.

d. Training – to approve annual expenditure as required until further notice for clerk and councillors to undertake LALC training:

LGPC is already signed up to the 2021/22 Annual Training Scheme covering core courses.

RESOLVED to approve expenditure as required for councillors and the clerk to attend non-core courses; typically, £55 + VAT per full day or £22.50 + VAT per half day training. 

Proposed: Cllr A Hyatt, seconded: Cllr S Taylor.All in favour.

e. Update on snow blower and gritter; and request to hand over to new snow warden volunteers:

An update on storage, maintenance and volunteers was given.Noted that Parish Council insurance covers the equipment; and that D/Cllr C Darcel can award a CIF grant towards secure storage. Cllr M Herbert noted concerns over the use of the snow blower.

RESOLVED to consider purchasing a secure container.  Proposed:  Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr P Bowser.  All in favour. Action: clerk. 

Action:  Cllr K Tyrrell to liaise with Memorial Hall Committee.

10. Safety concerns – Dunholme Bridge: Cllr P Bowser reported on his site meeting with LCC’s Richard Waters who is considering keeclamp railings for the bridge.  Discussions continue.  Action: Cllr P Bowser.

11. Chairman’s Comments – Flowers have been purchased for Cllr S Burnett.  Requests were made that the councillor vacancy be promoted; and that agenda items are submitted to the clerk well in advance. 

12. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 5th October 2021, 7.30pm, Langworth Memorial Hall

Meeting ended at 8.58pm.

Michelle Vail – Clerk/RFO to the CouncilDated: 23 September 2021



CURRENT ACCOUNT ACCOUNTS PAID                                             

01/07/2021, OPENING BALANCE, £2862.73,

08/07/2021, LONSDALE PRINT, £123.00,         

08/07/2021, WELTON PARISH COUNCIL INV 21/045, £20.00,

08/07/2021, MRS MICHELLE VAIL,  EXPENSES, JUNE 2021, £33.30,

16/07/2021, GLENDALE, £916.98,

19/07/2021, LL EDITOR, £171.84,

19/07/2021, MRS MICHELLE VAIL, SALARY, JULY 2021, £566.58,

19/07/2021, SAGE PAYROLL, £2.10,

05/08/2021, PENSION, JULY 2021, £167.88,

19/08/2021, LL EDITOR, £171.84,

19/08/2021, SAGE PAYROLL, £2.10,

26/08/2021, MRS MICHELLE VAIL, SALARY, AUG 2021, £566.58,

26/08/2021, WELTON PARISH COUNCIL, INV 21/070, £20.00,

26/08/2021, PENSION, AUGUST 2021, £167.88,




DEPOSIT ACCOUNT                                            

01/07/2021, OPENING BALANCE, £50446.51

09/07/2021, INTEREST, 0.41P,

16/07/2021, TRANSFER TO CURRENT ACCOUNT, £2000.00,

09/08/2021, INTEREST, 0.41P,




Accounts for Payment in August and September                                                          

a)  Office Utilities Internet, Aug/Sept, M Vail, £45.00,

b)  Mileage, 48 miles @45p, mile post notices, M Vail, £21.60,

c)   Langworth Local Editor, Inv 030, £171.84,

d)  Parish Clerk Salary, Aug/Sept, M Vail, £1133.16,

e)   Lonsdale Print, Inv 248816, £123.00,

f)  Welton PC play area inspection, Inv 21/070 and 21/092, £40.00,

g) Sage payroll, INV 01161659 and 01242245, £4.20,

h)  Glendale, INV 03113, £652.98,

i) Pension, Aug/Sept, £335.76,

j) ROSPA play inspection, £94.80,

k) M Vail expenses, Microsoft 365 renewal and stamps, £67.91,

TOTAL, £2690.25,


Ear Marked Reserves                                                        

Elections reserve, £4,000.00,                   

S137 Local Gov Act expenditure  , £2,000.00,              

VAS sign installation, £4,000.00,             

Grant expenditure, £1,900.00,                  

Total, £11,900.00.