4 October 2022 Minutes

Langworth Group Parish Council   
Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby
E:mail: langworthgroupparishcouncil@gmail.com
Minutes of the meeting of Langworth Group Parish Council held at Langworth Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th October 2022.  
Present:  Cllrs M Herbert (Chairman), P Bowser, H Stilgoe-McCombe, A Curtis, A Hyatt, J Machin, S Taylor, 
K Tyrrell, R Waite, C/Cllr I Fleetwood, D/Cllr A Welburn, Mrs M Vail (Clerk).  
Three members of the public were in attendance. 
All were welcomed, and a one-minute silence was observed in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Meeting began at 7.31pm.
1. Public Forum: 
a) Representation was made to highlight the lack of upkeep of local pavements; many of which are in poor condition; and unsafe to use, particularly by wheelchair users.  A lack of dropped kerbs at junctions is also of concern.  The Chairman advised that the Parish Council has met with LCC Highways over many years, with limited success, as LCC has had funding constraints and higher spending priorities.  The resident was advised to contact the LCC Highways Manager direct with their concerns; and to update the Parish Council in three months’ time.  C/Cllr I Fleetwood advised that LCC has a higher priority of roads, and that he will emphasise the issue to LCC.
RESOLVED to write to LCC to fully support the residents’ concerns, and to request a full survey and immediate remedial action as soon as possible.  Action: Clerk
Proposed:  Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr S Taylor.  All in favour.
b) A Langworth Village Speed Restriction petition was handed to the Parish Council signed by 213 people supporting 1) a reduction of the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on the A158 extending through Station Road and Main Street; 2) defining and repairing the existing footpaths on the A158 extending through Station Road and Main Street.  The Chairman read the survey’s covering letter out to the meeting.  Due to the survey also focussing on footpaths, it was agreed to send LCC a copy of the petition in support of the previous representation.  Action: Clerk
C/Cllr I Fleetwood suggested that the resident attend an LCC Council meeting.
2. Apologies: D/Cllr C Hill, D/Cllr C Darcel (both at WLDC).
3. Declarations of Interest: 
Cllr P Bowser - Planning item 9c, having a work association with the applicant.  
Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe – item 14, being the Editor of Langworth Local.
4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 July 2022:
It was RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 July 2022 as a true record; and these were duly signed.  
Proposed:  Cllr P Bowser, seconded: Cllr K Tyrrell. All in favour. Action: Clerk
5. To review the Action Log:
The Action Log was reviewed, with many items having been completed.  Updates were given as follows:
Snow blower – Cllr A Curtis had called to collect, but the resident had appeared not to have been at home.
Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr A Hyatt noted that he wished to speak to the residents present at this meeting.  The advert is being put together.  It is a lengthy, very involved process.
New Station – there has been no response from WLDC’s Enforcement team.  The Clerk is to contact the owner again in January 2023 for an update.
Play Area – the internal inspections can be taken on by a new inspector.  Urgent repairs were confirmed as having been completed earlier in the year. Agenda item for next meeting.  Action: Clerk.
Hedge – work has been completed.
Village entrance gates – information from another parish is still awaited.  This will become an agenda item as soon as possible.
Offroad Parking – Cllr M Herbert has taken photos for the Clerk to send to LCC Highways Manager. Action: Cllr M Herbert, Clerk.
6. Comments from County Councillor, District Councillors and Chairman including:
C/Cllr I Fleetwood – advised that £5million has been moved into Highways; and that there remains a £7million shortfall from National Government. He also suggested helping the Chairman in pulling data from the vehicle activated signs.
D/Cllr A Welburn – her Sept report has been circulated. She has up to £275 CIF grant money available. 
Agenda item next meeting.  Action: Clerk
Chairman – The husband of ex-councillor Sheila Burnett has kindly been watering the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee tree for which the Chairman has thanked him. RESOLVED to write a letter of thanks.  
Action: Clerk, Cllr M Herbert
Proposed: Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr J Machin.  All in favour.
7. Highways: 
a) Vehicle activated signs and Archers survey feedback:
Drivers are responding to the vehicle activated signs to an extent; and these can be repositioned if needed.  Minor adjustments are required. Data can be pulled off the signs. 
The Archers Survey feedback shows the average speed as being 33.5mph, which is below the speed limit. RESOLVED to publish the results in Langworth Local.  Action: Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe. 
Proposed: Cllr P Bowser, seconded: Cllr A Curtis.  All in favour.
b) Progress report on Community Speed Watch:
Two volunteers have resigned; therefore, a team has been unable to go out.  Six volunteers are needed to be able to operate, so it was agreed to advertise for new volunteers in Langworth Local.  Action: Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe
c) Consider speed reduction from 40mph to 30mph on A158:
Noted that the Parish Council had previously resolved not to support a speed reduction but, as 6 months have since elapsed, it can now legally reconsider this matter.  Comments were then taken from around the table both in support of, against, or undecided on the matter.  Following consideration, a proposal by Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe, seconded by Cllr S Taylor to write to LCC in support of a speed reduction from 40mph to 30mph was not carried.  No further action.
For – 3, Against – 4, abstention – 1.
d) Fosters Yard:
* report of noise issues 7am until late evening:
Noted that planning allows for noise between 7.30am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.  Other comments have been received concerning dust not being dampened down.  Noted that support is not forthcoming from WLDC Planning Enforcement Team.
* receive recommendation on next steps:
Following a recap of the asbestos issue and the Chairman’s actions/HSE’s response, it was noted that neither WLDC; HSE; nor the developer appear to be taking any responsibility.  Many breaches have been noted; and the Parish Council needs to represent parishioners’ views, not sort out issues of other organisations.
D/Cllr A Welburn will chase matters with WLDC’s Enforcement upon receipt of documentation.  Action:  Cllr M Herbert, Clerk
e) Langworth Bus Stop Clearways consultation:  Noted. For information Only.
8. Correspondence
To note only: WLDC Parish News 
Action required: 
* Resident email – caravan site concerns:
RESOLVED that Cllr M Herbert speak with the resident.  All in favour.  Action:  Cllr M Herbert.
Resident email – future maintenance of planter at railway end of village: advertise for new volunteers in Langworth Local.  Action: Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe
9. Planning:
a) To consider any update/required actions in respect of the Langworth Neighbourhood Plan:
Discussed under item 5 above.
b) 145425: Planning application for proposed removal of conservatory and construction of garden room, and Velux windows to be included to rear roof slope, LOCATION: Holmlea, Bardney Road Newball, LN3 5DQ:
Noted that this will not be visible from the road.   RESOLVED to support this application.  All in favour. Action: Clerk.
c) 145551: Planning application for change of use from agricultural storage to livery stables. 
LOCATION: Church Farm Church Lane Stainton By Langworth Lincoln LN3 5BL:
Cllr P Bowser declared an interest so will abstain from voting. Noted that this is a change of use from agricultural to private; and that the shed remains as is.  It will result in more horses (6 stalls); and more traffic, therefore reduced parking availability which may impact on attendees at Church.  
In favour – 4, against – nil, abstentions – 4.  Action: Clerk
d) Reepham Neighbourhood Plan - Regulation 14 Consultation: No comments.
C/Cllr I Fleetwood and D/Cllr A Welburn left the meeting at 9pm.
10. Memorial Hall report: A replacement Chairperson is being sought.
11. CCTV at Memorial Hall including quote of £1116.01 + £223.20 to supply and install replacement system:
Noted that the Parish Council currently owns the system. Following consideration of the quote to upgrade the current system; and whether to retain ownership of the system or to hand this over to the Memorial Hall Committee, it was RESOLVED to leave the system as is.
Proposed: Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe.  All in favour.
12. Clerks Report
a) To receive the financial report:  A financial report was given.
b) Approval of payments: RESOLVED to approve payments.
Proposed: Cllr A Hyatt, seconded: Cllr P Bowser.  All in favour.  Action: Clerk
Noted that the Langworth Local October printing costs were £150.64.
c) External Audit Report: No matters of concern had been raised.  The audit process has been completed.
d) Retrospective approval of £60.00 + VAT (Cllr Taylor First Aid Course – NOT part of training scheme):
RESOLVED to approve this expenditure. 
Proposed: Cllr P Bowser, seconded: Cllr J Machin.  All in favour.
e) Approve purchase of wreath:
RESOLVED to approve up to £70.00 to purchase a wreath.  All in favour.
Cllr M Herbert will lay the wreath.
13. Resolve to move into closed session as the following items contains information of a personal or sensitive nature:
RESOLVED to move into Closed Session.
14. Consider matters pertaining to Langworth Local:
* Hand over the ownership and running of Langworth Local to the Memorial Hall committee until such point as the current Editor steps down from the role; at which point the situation will be reviewed.
* Fund the production costs of the magazine upon receipt of an annual funding request (to cover an April – March period) from the Memorial Hall committee, supported by a budget breakdown (to be received before the Parish Council’s November budget setting meeting), until such point as the current Editor steps down from the role; at which point the situation will be reviewed.
* Receive quarterly invoices from the Memorial Hall committee; being the demand for payment of the production costs; until such point as the current Editor steps down from the role; at which point the situation will be reviewed.
Proposed:  Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr P Bowser.  Majority in favour; with one abstention.
A storm drain outside Knights of Langworth was then reported as not coping with water.  Action: Clerk to write to LCC.
15. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 1st November 2022, 7.30pm at Langworth Memorial Hall
Michelle Vail – Clerk/RFO to the Council                                                  Dated: 13 October 2022




SAGE, £8.40



LL EDITOR, LGP-LL-I34, issue 34, £175.62


EKM LTD, £1146.00  

LALC, £96.00

WELTON PC, £20.00

ELANCITY UK, £5400.00

HMRC PAYE - JULY, £38.76



HMRC - VAT RECLAIM, £1241.82

LCC VAS POSTS, £600.00

MR I FLEETWOOD - VAS sundries reimburse, £56.36



WELTON PC, £20.00


SAGE, £8.40

HMRC PAYE/NI - AUG, £38.76

LCC PENSION - AUG, £220.73






INTEREST, 0.42p 





Accounts for Payment in Sept/Oct

Office Utilities Internet, M Vail, £45.00

Mileage 48 miles @45p/mile, post notices, M Vail, £21.60

M Vail expenses - printing, poppy wreath estimated, £69.00

Langworth Local Editor (reimburse print costs for Sept edition 35), £144.76

Langworth Local Editor(reimburse print costs (Oct edition 36), £144.76

M. Vail Parish Clerk, Salary Sept/Oct, £1421.52

M Vail Pension Sept/Oct, £441.46

M Vail PAYE, NI, Sept/Oct, £77.52

Welton PC, play area inspection x 2 months, £40.00

Sage payroll x 2 months, £16.80

Glendale Sept estimated, £675.85

ROSPA, £96.60

H Stilogoe-Mccombe- CSW sundries reimburse, £8.96

PKF Littlejohn, £240.00

TOTAL, £3443.83


Ear Marked Reserves

Elections reserve, £4,000.00

Grant expenditure, £1,900.00

Total, £5,900.00