May 2022 Minutes

Langworth Group Parish Council  

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby


Minutes of the Annual Meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 May 2022 at Langworth Memorial Hall

Present:  Cllrs M Herbert (Chairman), P Bowser, J Machin, A Hyatt, K Tyrrell, R Waite, C/Cllr I Fleetwood (arrived at 7.37pm), Mrs M Vail (Clerk), and two members of the public.

Meeting began at 7.30pm.

1. Public Forum:

One resident spoke about recent demolition work at Fosters Yard; expressing concerns in respect of possible asbestos on site and how it was being removed and dealt with.Concerns were also expressed that neighbours had not been forewarned, and the potential for hazard to health.

The Chairman has visited the site; noting that encapsulated asbestos is safe if not broken into; and that he will contact WLDC about the matter; with the option to contact the HSE if WLDC do not respond.Action: Cllr M Herbert. 

The same resident then spoke about the proposed A158 speed reduction to 30mph and that it had been accepted then rescinded by LCC, asking who had been responsible for this change; and why.The Chairman summarised the background to the timeframe and events (as previously minuted).The Parish Council is considering installing vehicle activated speed indicator devices from which data can be gathered for future use.

Standing Orders were then suspended at 7.46pm due to the 15mins public session having ended, to allow the resident to speak further. The resident suggested gates at the entrances to the village as a possible traffic calming measure.Action: Clerk to make agenda item.  Standing Orders then resumed at 7.48pm.

2. To elect a chairman and sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form:

Cllr P Bowser proposed Cllr M Herbert for the position of Chairman.In the absence of any other nominees, and the proposal being seconded by Cllr J Machin, it was RESOLVED that Cllr M Herbert be elected as Chairman.  All in favour. He duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.

3. To elect a vice chairman: Item deferred to the June meeting.

4. Apologies: Cllrs S Taylor, H Stilgoe-McCombe, A Curtis, and D/Cllrs A Welburn and C Darcel.

5. Declarations of Interest: None received.

6. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 April 2022:

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 April 2022 as a true record; and these were duly signed.  Proposed:  Cllr J Machin, seconded: Cllr A Hyatt. All in favour. Action: Clerk

7. To review the Action Log:

The Action Log was reviewed. Many tasks have been completed, with updates given as follows:

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS) – Cllr M Herbert to liaise with Cllr A Curtis.  If Cllr A Curtis is not able to move this project forward, then Cllr M Herbert will approach Lincs Road Safety Partnership to agree locations for the SIDS, then the clerk will write to them with confirmation. 

 Proposed:  Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr A Hyatt.  All in favour.

Neighbourhood Plan – revising designated area – Cllr A Hyatt awaits a reply from WLDC.

New Station – a previous clerk has confirmed that the owner’s details should be on file. WLDC are still to respond to the clerk.  Action: Clerk to search files for name, also to continue to chase WLDC.

Repairs to play area – D/Cllrs C Hill and C Darcel, whilst unable to directly contribute financially to the repairs, can offer additional CIF funding to pay for the Newball noticeboard which frees up Parish Council money for the repairs.  Proposed to accept this offer:  Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr J Machin.  All in favour.   

Action: Clerk to add this to the Action Log; and to write to D/Cllr Darcel.

8. Comments from County Councillor, District Councillors and Chairman

C/Cllr I Fleetwood – nothing to report.

No D/Cllrs were in attendance; although a written report had been circulated from D/Cllr A Welburn.

Chairman – nothing to report.

9. Highways:

a. Working group report on progress re vehicle activated signs: Discussed under item 7 above.

b. Stainton by Langworth, road over railway bridge going down to Scothern: road-side hedge is creeping into road: Noted that the road is being obstructed. 

Action: Clerk to report to LCC for them to contact the owner.

10. Correspondence

To note only:

C/Cllr Fleetwood April Briefing; WLDC Parish News Edition 12 April; D/Cllr A Welburn: May report

Action needed:

Resident’s email - parking on grass verge, Barlings Lane:

The resident had reported that the recently installed double yellow lines along Barlings Lane had not solved the parking issue.The Chairman noted that such concerns were endemic across the village with resultant damage to grass and kerbs; and causing issues for other drivers.Comments were then taken from all councillors.

Standing Orders were suspended at 8.26pm to allow one resident to speak – he suggested one option may be to have a Traffic Regulation order put in place. Standing Orders resumed at 8.29pm.

RESOLVED to write to a senior LCC Highways Officer requesting a meeting at their convenience to view the locations of concern and discuss options to improve residential parking.  Action: Clerk

Proposed: Cllr M Herbert, seconded: Cllr P Bowser.All in favour.

The Pensions Regulator – triannual assessment/re-enrolment of staff into pension scheme:

This is a legal duty, with the redeclaration deadline being 19 December 2022.  Action: Clerk

11. Update from Memorial Hall committee – Jubilee event: An update on progress was given by Cllr K Tyrrell.

12. Planning

a. To consider any update/required actions in respect of the Langworth Neighbourhood Plan: Considered under item 7 above.

13.Resignation of Langworth Local Editor:

The editor has handed in her resignation after 3 years in post, therefore the last edition will be the June issue. RESOLVED to approach other local magazines to ascertain if they would consider taking on the Langworth Local; and also to request that the editor publishes an advert for the position. 

 Action: Clerk

A suggestion was made to move the magazine online; and useful telephone numbers could be published on the website. Action: Clerk: agenda item for next meeting. 

14. Clerks Report

a. To receive the financial report:  A financial report was given (see below).

b. Approval of payments: as previously circulated:  RESOLVED to approve payments (see below).

Proposed: Cllr P Bowser, seconded: Cllr J Machin.All in favour.

c. Annual insurance renewal at £296.86:

Noted that this is year 3 of a 3-year long term agreement, expiring on 26/05/2023. This expenditure has already been approved in the budget.

15. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 7th June 2022, 7.30pm at Langworth Memorial Hall

Meeting ended at 8.56pm. 

Michelle Vail – Clerk/RFO to the CouncilDated: 15 May 2022


LANGWORTH GROUP PARISH COUNCIL - BANK RECONCILIATION 1st April - 30th April 2022                                                            

CURRENT ACCOUNT                                                      

01/04/2022, OPENING BALANCE, £2538.41

01/04/2022, MEMORIAL HALL, JUBILEE EVENT, £1000.00

01/04/2022, PRECEPT, £25320.00

04/04/2022, LL ADVERT, WILLAN HOUSE, £36.75

08/04/2022, M VAIL, EXPENSES, £27.90

08/04/2022, LONSDALE PRINT, £142.00

08/04/2022, WELTON PARISH COUNCIL, £20.00

08/04/2022, WELTON PARISH COUNCIL, £40.00

08/04/2022, LCC PENSION, APRIL, £170.79

08/04/2022, HMRC, PAYE, £0.40

19/04/2022, LANGWORTH LOCAL EDITOR, £175.62

19/04/2022, M VAIL, SALARY, APRIL, £576.01

20/04/2022, SAGE, £8.40,

20/04/2022, LL ADVERT, MR HOWSON, £52.50

28/04/2022, TRANSFER TO DEPOSIT ACCOUNT, £12000.00



DEPOSIT ACCOUNT                                                        

01/04/2022, OPENING BALANCE, £36449.81

11/04/2022, INTEREST, £0.33

28/04/2022, TRANSFER IN FROM CURRENT ACCOUNT, £ 12000.00



Accounts for Payment in May                                                                    

Office Utilities Internet, May, M Vail, £22.50

Mileage 24 miles @45p/mile, post notices, M Vail, £10.80

Langworth Local Editor, Inv 039, £175.62

Lonsdale Print, inv 253040, £148.00

Welton PC, play area inspection, £20.00

Sage payroll, £8.40

M Vail,  salary, PAYE, pension, May, £747.20

LALC website maintenance fee 22/23, £60.00

Allen Signs, village sign, £464.36

M Vail, sharp sand, flood mitigation, £48.00

TOTAL, £1704.88

Ear Marked Reserves                                                                    

Elections reserve, £4,000.00                       

VAS sign installation, £4,000.00                  

Grant expenditure, £1,900.00                    

Total, £9,900.00