October 2023 Minutes

Langworth Group Parish Council   
Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby
E:mail: langworthgroupparishcouncil@gmail.com
Minutes of the Meeting of Langworth Group Parish Council held at Langworth Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 October 2023
Present:  Cllrs M Herbert (Chairman), H Stilgoe-McCombe, K Tyrrell, P Bowser, R Waite, A Hyatt, S Taylor, C/Cllr I Fleetwood, D/Cllr C Darcel, Mrs M Vail (Clerk). There were two members of the public.
Absent:  Cllr J Machin
Meeting began at 7.30pm
1. Public Forum: One member of the public advised their attendance to observe proceedings.
2. Apologies: Cllr A Curtis, D/Cllr M Palmer, D/Cllr T Bridgwood
3. Declarations of Interest: Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe in respect of matters relating to Langworth Local.
4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 September 2023:
RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5th September 2023 as a true record, and these were duly signed. Action: Clerk.
Proposed: Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe, seconded: Cllr S Taylor.  All in favour.
5. Comments from County Councillor, District Councillors and Chairman:
D/Cllr C Darcel advised that WLDC are in the process of budget setting and whilst there is no real concern for the 2024 - 25 financial year, the 2025-26 financial year currently has an expectation of a big loss of income.
C/Cllr I Fleetwood advised that, dependant on how matters progress in respect of Devolution, there may eventually be a Mayoral budget in place in addition to existing Government budgets.
There are several local issues reported via Fix My Street, and no LCC works affecting the parish currently.
Chairman: nothing to report.
6. To review the Action Log:
Many jobs have been completed.  Updates were provided as follows:
ROSPA report   there are no red flagged issues, some matters have been raised and these will be looked at and actioned as appropriate.  The report is to be sent to the Memorial Hall Committee, and Cllr K Tyrrell will further flag up the overhanging tree branches. Action:  Cllr K Tyrrell, Clerk
Damaged VAS sign   The Parish Council, C/Cllr I Fleetwood and Lincs. Road Safety Partnership are working together to rectify the damage.  
7. Clerks Report
a) To receive the financial report: Received.  
Noted that the CIL reserves must be used for a specific purpose (ie infrastructure), and that the Parish Council has previously discussed putting this money towards new play equipment.
RESOLVED to approve the financial report.
Proposed: Cllr P Bowser, seconded: Cllr K Tyrrell.  All in favour.  Action: Clerk
b) Approval of any non-regular payments: None to pay.
(Note: approval to pay all regular accounts was made at the May 2023 meeting).
Following a query raised by Cllr P Bowser, confirmation was given that the Parish Council is committed to helping with the church lych gate, but currently has no dedicated reserves for this.  Grants may be available.
c) External audit report:  
             The accounts have been signed off by the external auditor; with no concerns raised. This concludes the 
             2022   23 audit process.
8. Play Area
a. new/replacement play item   quotes reviewed
b. Inspection reports
Item deferred in the absence of Cllr J Machin, who is lead councillor for the Play Area.  Action: Clerk to contact Cllr J Machin.
9. Highways:
a) Damaged Vehicle activated sign: update:
An update was provided under item 6 (Action Log) above.
10. Correspondence: 
             To note only: 
             Offer to donate flood equipment to residents   residents have accepted the offer; and the flood equipment will be stored with one resident.
             WLDC - Temporary Stop Notice for RAF Scampton (circ. 12/09/23).  A Full Stop notice has since been issued but work has continued despite this.  The new residents to the RAF base are thought to be moving in, in approximately 10 days. A Judicial Review is to take place, and WLDC needs to continue to press for additional money for infrastructure so that this additional burden does not fall to local government.
             Possible Action Required:
             Pollution of Nettleham Beck   a resident has advised that Anglian Water has discharged raw sewage into Nettleham beck from a local treatment works and has raised concerns about this with Anglian Water and the Environment Agency.
C/Cllr I Fleetwood noted that sewage could have also originated from sewers in Nettleham, which have been purged into the beck, and that Nettleham Councillors are being lobbied to act upon this. Further noted that there has been a problem for many years with sewers near to the ford crossing in Nettleham, which overflow into the beck after heavy rains.
             LCC request for local feedback by the parish council or by individual councillors on Highways and drains   Individual councillors can provide feedback to LCC if they wish, and Cllr M Herbert will take this on as Parish Champion. 
11. Planning:
a) 147272: conversion of existing agricultural building to 1no. residential dwelling including change of use of additional land to residential curtilage: Land at Gate Cliffe Farm Bardney Road Newball:
After consideration, RESOLVED to fully support this application.  All in favour.  Action: Clerk
12. Parish Champions:
Updates were received as follows:
Reporting issues with roads.  Action: Langworth Local
Defibrillator for Stainton   WLDC to be asked about linking into pole electricity supply. Include on Action Log. Action: Clerk
13. Witham Valley Access Group (WVAG) meeting on 18th September 2023:
The meeting had been attended by Cllr A Hyatt and Cllr H Stilgoe-McCombe, and notes from it have been circulated.  A brief report was provided of the meeting, including to note that the WVAG has achieved many of its original objectives, and has begun putting together an updated plan with new objectives.  These will be largely based on the Government s Health Strategy that being outdoors reaps health benefits. 
14. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 7th November 2023, 7.30pm, Memorial Hall
Agenda item   to ratify the reimbursement of expenditure to Cllr P Bowser for the purchase of paint to treat the bus shelter (time sensitive).
15. Resolve to move into Closed Session to consider the following items which contain information of a confidential or sensitive nature
RESOLVED to move into Closed Session.  At 8.29pm, C/Cllr I Fleetwood, D/Cllr C Darcel and both residents left the meeting.
16. Letter from the LMHC:
A letter had been received from the Memorial Committee.
17.  LL contract:
A revised contract is being finalised.
Meeting ended at 8.47pm.
Michelle Vail   Clerk/RFO to the Council                                                  Dated: 30 October 2023
HMRC, VAT reclaim, £2136.01,
Mrs Michelle Vail, expenses, Sept, £46.70,
Glendale, Inv 04151, £716.41,
ROSPA, annual play area inspection, £102.60,
PKF Littlejohn, external audit fee, £252.00,
Langworth Local editor, Quarter 3, £1313.43,
Sage, £9.60,
HMRC - PAYE, Sept, £31.96,
LCC pension, Sept, £247.06,
Mrs Michelle Vail, salary, Sept, £773.50,
CLOSING BALANCE 4164.52 136.50
INTEREST, £48.29,
Non-regular Accounts for Payment in October
NIL 0.00
TOTAL 0.00
Ear Marked Reserves
Elections reserve, £4,000.00,
CIL monies, £2,655.40,  
Total, £6,655.40