3 November 2020

Langworth Group Parish Council

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby

Minutes of the remote meeting held 3 November 2020

Name Of Meeting Ordinary Meeting

Location Remote Zoom Meeting

Time/Duration 19:30 – 20:45



Cllr M Herbert (MH) Chairman LGPC

Cllr P Bowser (PB) LGPC

Cllr A Hyatt (AH) LGPC

Cllr R Waite (RW) LGPC

Cllr A Curtis (AC) LGPC

Cllr J Machin (JM) LGPC

Cllr A Welburn WLDC

Clerk S Hall LGPC


53.0 Open Forum

53.1 No members of the public were present.


54.0 Apologies and Absence

54.1 No apologies were received.


55.0 Declarations of Interest

55.1 None


56.0 To Confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 October2020

56.1 The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 6 October were, approved as a true record of the meeting with an amendment to replace A Hyatt with A Curtis in item 45.1 and to insert the words: “accommodation to” after the word “holiday” in item 50.5. Proposed: AC Seconded: AH. Vote: unanimous. Clerk to publish on the website and summarise for publication in the Langworth Local.


57.0 Clerks Report

57.1 a) The financial report for the period 1 October to 31 October as appended below was presented to members and circulated to members prior to the meeting.

b) Approval of payments. The payments as listed in the financial report were approved by Members. Proposed AC, Seconded AH, all in favour. Clerk to make the payments.

c) The annual return is completed and available for inspection.

d) New LCC website. The clerk reported that Intelltech has downloaded the files from the old website and has said they will be transferred on to the new website before 20 December 2020. This is the date when the old website will be closed. Clerk to publish in the Langworth Local.

e) Clean up of laptop computers. Clerk given a budget of £100.00 to have the disks cleaned up


58.0 Parish Precept Estimate

58.1 Members discussed the level of precept for 2020/21. Resolved: set a precept estimate of £23,340. Set the final precept when the 2020/21 budget is set. Proposed MH Seconded JM. All in favour. Clerk to inform WLDC of the estimate.


59.0 Correspondence

59.1 a) WLDC has responded to a request for a dog bin and “no dog fouling signs” they have committed to patrolling the area to look for those who aren’t picking up their dog mess and will provide some signs and stickers. Clerk to send a reminder about the request for an additional dog bin.

b) Confidential copy of the register of electors. Resolved: Clerk to apply to WLDC for a copy. Proposed MH seconded JM, all in favour.

c) LCC Countryside Services, Barlings landfill site, request for assistance with the publicity report. Resolved: clerk to put the leaflet on the website and either replicate it in the LL or request a batch of leaflets from LCC and arrange to place one in each copy of the LL.

d) Lives- defibrillator registration and maintenance offer. Clerk to arrange registration and decline maintenance offer.

e) E-mail from West Yorkshire Pension Fund (WYPF) advisor to reaffirm that a cessation value will apply and a charge for actuary services. The fund requires a clear indication of the council admitting an employee to the scheme. Resolved: Clerk to write to WYPF and ask them to provide a breakdown of cost the council to make up the deficit and pay the actuary fees.

f) E-mail from resident: overgrown foliage in the vicinity of: Blackbirds Guest House, the old schoolhouse and Southview on the A158. Cllr RW to view the area and speak to residents.

g) LCC confirmed their contribution for highway grass verge cutting is £566.13 for 2020/21. An invoice has been sent and the funds will be transferred into the LGPC bank account in the coming weeks.

h) WLDC press release, Warmer Homes Scheme. The scheme is set up and residents are being asking to enquire about the Energy Company Obligation funding stream. Clerk to post further details on the website and in the LL.

i) Lincolnshire School admission policy changes – public consultation. Clerk to post details on the website and in the LL


60.0 Play Area Inspections

60.1 Several minor defects were reported in the recent RoSPA inspection. Clerk to summarise the information, circulate it to councillors and put the matter on the agenda for the next meeting.


61.0 Planning

61.1 Application 141823 Extension to Mount Pleasant. Members considered the application and did not propose to comment on behalf of the parish council.


62.0 Bench Seat Siting

62.1 Councillors RW and AC to look at the proposed sites: church grounds and adjacent the bus stop and are happy to help with the installation, as necessary.


63.0 Chairman’s Comments

63.1 Cllr Welburn: WLDC will not be going unitary for the time being. WLDC got the highest audit rating for council performance. The audit did not include planning, some conditions placed when granting planning permission have been perceived as not enforceable. WLDC are not responsible for enforcement.

a) MH Will arrange to have the poppy wreath taken to the memorial on 8 November.

b) Members resolved: Not to subscribe to Zoom and re-assess it in January.


64.0 Date of Next Meeting

64.1 Tuesday 1st December 2020 – 7:30 pm Via Zoom


Signed as a True Record of the Meeting