November 2021 Minutes

Langworth Group Parish Council  

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby


Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 2 November 2021 at Langworth Memorial Hall at 7.30pm

Present:  Cllrs M Herbert (Chairman), P Bowser, A Hyatt, J Machin, S Taylor, R Waite, C/Cllr I Fleetwood, D/Cllr A Welburn, Mrs M Vail (Clerk). There were no members of the public.

Meeting started at 7.32pm                                    

1. Public Forum: Not required as no members of the public were present.

2. Apologies: Cllr K Tyrrell, Cllr A Curtis, D/Cllr C Hill, D/Cllr C Darcel

3. Declarations of Interest: None received.

4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 October 2021:

RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 5 October 2021 as a true record; and these were duly signed.

A resident had contacted the Clerk in respect of one matter recorded in the draft minutes. Concerns were raised generally about members of the public taking the draft version of minutes as the true record when they have yet to be formally accepted, therefore may be subject to change.

5. To review the Action Log:

The Action Log was reviewed. Most tasks from the previous meeting have been completed, and updates were given for the tasks still in progress.

6. Comments from County Councillor, District Councillors and Chairman

Cllr A Welburn:

reports have been circulated.

Spoke briefly on local solar panel provision; noting that the Local Plan is looking closely at proposed sites.C/Cllr I Fleetwood:

he is due to meet with Anglian Water in the near future and will try to get LCC there too.

a road crossing has been agreed for North Greetwell which will interrupt local traffic flow.

an application has been made for a 40mph limit extending from North Greetwell which may impact on local traffic flow.  

the recent LCC approval of a local 30mph speed limit and double yellow lines; are with LCC to progress. Action: Clerk to contact LCC to establish time scale.

he is reporting local faulty streetlights to LCC.

Cllr A Hyatt reported that the Barlings Lane drain is not coping – noted that these are cleared periodically.

7. Highways:

a. Working group report on progress re vehicle activated signs:

No report was available. Action:  Cllr R Waite to follow up with Cllr A Curtis.

b. Consider application to IGAS grant scheme for funding towards vehicle activated signs:

IGAS advise that potential applicants should submit a project summary asap; then complete a full online application form by 31 January 2022; if invited to do so. Action: Cllr R Waite to follow up with Cllr A Curtis

c. Volunteer response to Community Speed Watch advertising:

Only two residents have contacted the clerk with their details to date. Action: clerk to forward details to Cllr M Herbert. Other residents; known to be interested; have not yet been traced.  Action: Cllr M Herbert.

8. Correspondence:

To note only:

D/Cllr A Welburn and C/Cllr I Fleetwood reports; Police: Safer Together newsletter; and Nettleham Policing Team’s newsletter; LCC: Temporary Traffic Restriction at Stainton By Langworth level crossing for maintenance works - 08.00 to 16.00, 8th Dec 2021 (will cause traffic disruption); and LALC: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons 2nd June 2022

Action required:

LCC: offer of salt bags to parish councils – it was decided not to accept the offer. Action:  councillors to check salt bins and report those requiring refills to LCC


a. To consider any update/required actions in respect of the Langworth Neighbourhood Plan:

Cllr A Hyatt provided an update; including to note that he is in receipt of information advising on how to start the process. Facebook is being considered to reach out to the community; and a structure is being put together to focus responses from residents. Cllr S Taylor advised she knows a councillor at Saxilby who could be of help.

b. To consider new applications:

143724: construction of garage with office and annex above: Carr Vale Station Road Langworth:

Informal comments had been submitted to WLDC to aid the case officer’s planned visit to the applicant to include: concerns regarding a window which will look straight onto a neighbouring house; the resultant building will be much higher than surrounding dwellings and also closer to the public footpath than the current property line; and concerns that the resultant building will be much more than the stated garage/office/annex.

RESOLVED against. In favour – 0; against – 2, abstain - 3

143823: erect replacement storage outbuilding: 1 Woodside Cottages Bardney Road Newball

RESOLVED in favour. For – 5; No objections

143845: erection of a single storey extension: Roma, Station Road, Langworth:

RESOLVED in favour. For – 5; No objections

Action: Clerk

10. Policy Review – Members to approve reviewed LGPC Policies:   

RESOLVED to approve the following reviewed policies: Protocol on Communications; and Expenses Policy

Proposed: Cllr P Bowser; seconded: Cllr J Machin. All in favour.

11. Clerks Report

a. To receive the financial report: as previously circulated:

A financial report was given (attached below).

b. Approval of payments: as previously circulated:

RESOLVED to approve payments as per the financial report (attached below). Action: clerk.

Proposed: Cllr J Machin; seconded:Cllr A Hyatt. All in favour.

RESOLVED to reimburse Clerk £10.00, as the poppy wreath had been £10 more expensive than approved expenditure.

Proposed: Cllr J Machin; seconded:Cllr A Hyatt. All in favour.

c. Budget and Precept setting – approve precept estimate to WLDC:

RESOLVED to submit an estimate figure to WLDC of last year’s figure plus rate of inflation. Action: clerk

Cllr A Hyatt queried a point in WLDC’s precept letter regarding not funding churchyards. Action: clerk

d. Consider quote for noticeboard - £750 plus vat,+ approx. £200 + VAT to install (subject to site visit):

The three District Councillors will all contribute towards the noticeboard from their CIF grant monies (note: total CIF amount subsequently confirmed as £550). Clerk to enquire regarding engraving and treating the noticeboard. Action: clerk

RESOLVED to approve proceeding with purchase of noticeboard. Action: clerk

e. Update on snow blower and gritter: secure storage quotes and new volunteers:

No new volunteers have come forward to date. A storage container quote has come in at £2000. Action: Clerk to contact Cllr A Curtis regarding storage and use of the equipment. All options will be considered at the December meeting.

12. Safety concerns – Dunholme Bridge and nearby sump hole: update:

Cllr P Bowser reported that LCC have fitted key clamp rails; comprising three rails on either side of the bridge; covering the concrete.Cllr P Bowser was thanked for his successful efforts in this matter.

13. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 7th December 2021, 7.30pm, Langworth Memorial Hall

Meeting ended at 8.42pm

Michelle Vail – Clerk/RFO to the CouncilDated: 24 November 2021




01/10/2021, OPENING BALANCE, £4033.96

11/10/2021, MONEY IN, LCC GRASSCUT RECLAIM, £573.27

14/10/2021, LONSDALE PRINT, £123.00

14/10/2021, WELTON PARISH COUNCIL, £20.00

14/10/2021, MRS MICHELLE VAIL, EXPENSES, £38.70

14/10/2021, GLENDALE, £652.98


19/10/2021, PENSION, OCT 2021, £167.88

19/10/2021, LL EDITOR, £171.84

19/10/2021, MRS MICHELLE VAIL, SALARY, OCT 2021, £566.58

19/10/2021, SAGE PAYROLL, £8.40



CLOSING BALANCE, £2880.85                                                   



01/10/2021, OPENING BALANCE. £44447.74

11/10/2021, INTEREST, £0.40

CLOSING BALANCE, £44448.14                                                        


Accounts for Payment in November

Office Utilities, Internet, Nov, M Vail, £22.50

Mileage, 24 miles @45p/mile, post notices, M Vail, £10.80

Langworth Local Editor, Inv 032, £171.84

Parish Clerk Salary, Nov, M Vail. £566.58

Lonsdale Print, £123.00

Welton PC play area inspection, Inv Misc 21/137, £20.00

Sage payroll, £8.40

Glendale, INV 03259, £1041.96

Pension, Nov, £167.88

LALC, website, Basic package, INV 11818, £36.00

Memorial Hall, INV 52, £175.00

Poppy wreath, M Vail, £40.00

WLDC defib scheme, £41.66

TOTAL, £2425.62


Ear Marked Reserves

Elections reserve, £4,000.00

S137 Local Gov Act expenditure, £2,000.00

VAS sign installation, £4,000.00

Grant expenditure, £1,900.00

Total, £11,900.00