1 December 2020

Langworth Group Parish Council

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Langworth and Reasby

Minutes of the remote meeting held 1st December 2020


Name Of Meeting Ordinary Meeting

Location Remote Zoom Meeting

Time/Duration 19:30 – 20:16



Cllr M Herbert (MH) Chairman LGPC

Cllr P Bowser (PB) LGPC

Cllr A Hyatt (AH) LGPC

Cllr R Waite (RW) LGPC

Cllr A Curtis (AC) LGPC

Cllr A Welburn WLDC

Clerk S Hall LGPC


65.0 Open Forum

65.1 No members of the public were present.


66.0 Apologies and Absence

66.1 Apologies were received from WLDC Cllrs Welburn and Darcel


67.0 Declarations of Interest

67.1 None


68.0 To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2020

68.1 The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 3 November were, approved as a true record of the meeting. Proposed PB Seconded AH all in favour. Clerk to post copy to the Chairman for signature and post on the website.


69.0 Matters arising from the previous meeting

69.1 a) Play area inspection reports.

It was resolved to use the bench currently stored inside the Memorial Hall to replace the seat with rotting legs which is situated in the children’s play area. Proposed RW seconded MH all in favour.

PB to inspect the paly area gate and slide and report.

MH proposed: in the new year to get a cleaning firm to clean the play area equipment.

Clerk to put on the agenda for the February meeting.

b) E-mail from resident re overgrown hedge at the A158 at the south side of Southview. Cllr RW inspected the site and there is a small area where a private hedge overhangs the footway. Following a discussion, the owner of the hedge has agreed to cut it back. It was also reported that there is an overgrown hedge, which impedes traffic, between Langworth and Bullington. Members resolved to report the matter to Lincolnshire CC. Proposed AC seconded PB, all in favour. Clerk to make the report.

c) West Yorkshire Pension Fund (WYPF).

The WYPF has quoted an actuary fee of £1000.00 + VAT for carrying out an actuarial review of LGPC’s liabilities in respect of the pension fund in which former council employee(s) were enrolled.

The clerk reported that further correspondence was received but too late to include in the agenda of this meeting. Clerk to ensure all members have the details and put the item on the agenda for the February meeting.

d) Bench seat adjacent to the bus stop outside the Memorial Hall. RW reported that the legs and footings are firm, but some timber lats require replacement. PB offered to procure a quotation. Clerk to get two additional quotes.


70.0 Clerks Report

70.1 a) The financial report for the period 1 November 2020 to 30 November 2020 as appended below was presented to members and circulated to members prior to the meeting.

b) Approval of payments. The payments as listed in the financial report were approved by Members. Proposed AH, Seconded PB, all in favour. Clerk to make the payments.


71.0 Correspondence

71.1 a) LCC wrote to confirm their grass cutting contribution of £566.13 which has been received through the BACS system.

b) Members resolved to enter into an agreement with Lincolnshire CC for grass cutting. Proposed MH seconded PB – all in favour.


72.0 Planning

72.1 Nothing to report.


73.0 Comments from county councillor, district councillors and Chairman’s

73.1 IF reported that the Cllr Davies of LCC has the view that the Lincoln Eastern By-pass will be open before Christmas. Work to finish off the site will take place in January and February.

The chairman asked members to note: the January meeting will be set aside to resolve the budget and precept figures for 2021-22.


74.0 Date of Next Meeting

74.1 Tuesday 5th January 2021 – 7:30 pm


Signed as a True Record of the Meeting