7 January 2020

Langworth Group Parish Council

Serving the grouped parishes of Barlings, Newball, Stainton by Longworth and Reasby

Draft Meeting Minutes 7 January 2020 Ordinary Meeting of the Council Langworth Memorial Hall 19:30 - 21 :00


Those Present

Councillor M Herbert (Chairman) (MH) Councillor A Curtis (AC) LGPC, Councillor J Machin (JM) LGPC, Councillor A Hyatt (AH) LGPC, Councillor S Burnett (SB) LGPC, Councillor R Waite (RW) LGPC, Councillor H Walker (HW) LGPC, Councillor I Fleetwood (IF) LCC, Councillor A Welburn (AW) WLDC, S Hall Clerk LGPC


102.0 Open Forum


102.1 No members of the public were present


103.0 Apologies and Absence

103.1 Councillor Darcel WLDC


104.0 Declarations of Interest

104.1 None


105.0 To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting held on

105.1 The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 3RD December 2020 were approved as a true as a true record of the meeting. Proposed SB, Seconded PB. Vote - unanimous. Clerk to publish on the website and provide a summary for publication in the Langworth Local.


106.0 Clerks Report

106.1 The clerk presented reports:

a) A previously circulated bank reconciliation report showing the income and expenditure for the period ending 31 December 2019 which also lists the accounts for payment was read by the clerk.

b) Members were asked to approve payments listed in the financial report. Proposed by SB seconded by JM. Vote; unanimous. Clerk to make the payments.

Langworth Group Parish Council  1 December 2019 to 31 December 2019

Current Account

01/12/2019 Opening balance - £1,501.91

09/12/2019  Clerk expenses -£27.90

09/12/2019 Lonsdale print inv 239755 -£114.25

09/12/2019 Welton PC play area inspection Inv misc19/125  -£20.00

16/12/2019 Clerk Salary & PAYE -£583.44

17/12/2019 LL Editor Inv 008 -166.00

31/12/2019 Total Spend £911.59 - Closing balance £590.32

Deposit Account

01/12/2019 Opening Balance £31,008.88

11/12/2019 Interest +1.20

31/12/2019 Closing Balance £31,010.42

Accounts to be passed by 07/01/2020

a) Clerk Net Pay- January -£466.75

b) Clerk PAYE-January -£116.60

c) Langworth local editor Jan Inv 009 -£166.00

f) Welton PC Play area inspection Inv Misc./19/131 -£40.00

g) Clerk expenses December -£27.90

Total to be paid  -£911.50

Bank balance after accounts paid £30,689.24

Ear Marked Reserves

Elections reserve £1,750.72


107.0 Set Budget for the period 1 April 2020 to 31st March 2021

107.1 Members debated the budget for the ensuing year and resolved to set the budget for 2020-21 as detailed below; Proposed JM Seconded by SB. Vote; unanimous.

For full budget, see PDF

107.2 During the budget debate members resolved the following;

a) The ear marked reserves for election costs to be set at £4,000.00

b) The ear marked reserves for Section S278 expenditure to be set at £2,000.00

c) The ear marked reserves for VAS sign installation to be set at £4,000.00

d) The ear marked reserves for grant expenditure to be set at £1,900.00

Clerk to adjust the accounts


108.0 Set the final precept for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021

108.1 Members resolved to set a final precept of £23,620. Proposed JM seconded by SB. Vote; unanimous.

Clerk to forward final precept claim to WLDC


109.0 Chairman's comments

109.1 The chairman thanked those present for attending.


110.0 Date of Next Meeting

110.1 Tuesday 4 February 2020 - 7:30 pm at the Langworth Memorial Hall


Signed as a True Record of the Meeting

Chairman 4 February 2020


Dates of Next Meetings

Tuesday 4 February 2020 7:30pm Ordinary meeting

Tuesday 3 March 2020 7:30pm Ordinary meeting